Following Norway’s performance on this year’s Eurovision Song Contest speculation is rife over who is actually under those masks.

Earlier this week it was reported one member of Subwoolfer could in fact be boyband singer Ben Adams of Anglo-Norwegian group A1.

A friend of the 90s heartthrob told The Mirror he was confident it was him, saying: “I’ve known him for over 10 years. I spoke to him the other day and he still won’t confirm or deny if he is a member of Subwoolfer.

“But... I’ve listened to the track and I could be wrong, but it certainly sounds like him.”

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Subwoolfer Eurovision song: Give That Wolf A Banana

Subwoolfer has left many fans feeling rather confused but largely amused by their performance.

The song, Give That Wolf A Banana, was sung dressed in their signature all-black outfits featuring yellow wolf-head masks.

Mоkо took to Twitter to say: "So this year Norway is represented by an alien band from the moon, subwoolfer."

And TV critic Scott Bryan offered everyone a useful reminder...

:: The Eurovision Song Contest is being broadcast live on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer.