Board games are a great family activity but if you store them away in a cupboard like we do, it’s easy to forget they’re there.

With spring being here, it might be time we declutter that said cupboard and remind ourselves of the board games that live in there.

No matter their age, board games are lots of fun if you’ve managed to keep all the bits and pieces in one place over the years. has conducted research that reveals just how much some nostalgic board games could earn you.

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It wanted to find out which classic board games from ‘the golden years’ are considered the most valuable.

A seed list of 28 of the most popular board games from the 30s to 2000 was collated by To do this, editorial articles were sourced from Readers Digest, The Gamer and others. then extracted the highest sold price for every classic board game from a popular UK ecommerce site to produce a list of the most valuable classic games.

Ilkley Gazette: The Top 10 Most Valuable Nostalgic Board Games graphic ( Top 10 Most Valuable Nostalgic Board Games graphic (

Each game was ranked from highest to lowest, which allowed a top 10 list to be identified. Each value found was rounded to the nearest 10.

The data is from the last 90 days and accurate as of April 6, 2022 and it’s subject to change.

Board games that could earn you hundreds of pounds

Here are the top 5 nostalgic board games that could earn you the most money.

1. Voice of the Mummy

What it is: A 3D game produced by Milton Bradley in 1971.

How much it could earn you: £762

2. Monopoly Limited Collector’s Edition (1991)

Ilkley Gazette: A Monopoly board (Canva)A Monopoly board (Canva)

What it is: Family favourite which sees players buy property, utilities and train stations.

How much it could earn you: It was resold for £600

3. Conquest of The Empire

What it is: Military strategist game

How much it could earn you: Can be resold for up to £381

4. Wooden Rummikub Game Set

What it is: A tile-based game that was released in 1978.

How much it could earn you: Up to £360

5. Fireball Island

What it is: Dimensional adventure game released in 1986.

How much it could earn you: £324

Ilkley Gazette: Two people playing Monopoly (Canva)Two people playing Monopoly (Canva)

Games that also made the list are The Game Of Life Linen Vintage Bookshelf Edition, Vintage 1972 Clue and Risk 40th Anniversary Edition selling between £180-£230 per board game.

Experts at said the amount earned from a board game can depend on different factors including:

  • Physical state of it
  • How ‘complete’ it is
  • Rarity
  • Cultural popularity

The experts added: “Board games which connect to fandom (sports, television, film, music, and so on) continually draw interest at auction, as well as well-known family favourites such as Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo.”