AIREBOROUGH ROTARY CLUB: Two new additions to Aireborough Rotary’s activities are a mobile library and a photographic competition alongside the fortnightly Zoom meetings. The library contains books, magazines and jigsaws touring members’ homes on Tuesdays hosted by Janet and Bill Kerr. This will be after Francis Riley’s online yoga sessions which are now back up and running. Grateful thanks and pictures have come back from Aireborough Children’s Centre for the books, toys and jigsaws club members sent. A photographic competition entitled Life under Lockdown is also being run as a fundraiser at £5 a picture with a £200 target. After six days it is already beginning to show members’ idiosyncrasies. The last Board meeting agreed further donations to Chris Eddison and the Addingham Visor Army for their continuing sterling work as well as to Hope Pastures recently featured on Countryfile. This brings the overall total up to £2900 donated to local charitable activities.