AIREBOROUGH ROTARY CLUB: It is looking increasingly likely that there will be no Day at Headingley for Rotarians this year. Begun in 2015 following a visit to a Club meeting by Mark Arthur, Chief Executive of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Aireborough set up the first Rotarian ‘Day at the Test Match’. On May 31, 2015 425 Rotarians and guests took advantage of the offer to attend one day of the Test against New Zealand. In the next three years a similar number enjoyed Tests against Sri Lanka, West Indies and Pakistan. The agreed dates for this year – the first day of the County Championship game v Essex on Sunday, June 28 and the T20 match v Leicestershire on Sunday, July 12 remain only a faint possibility. Following the cancellation of the Easter Egg Hunt the chocolate donations from Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco will now be found new homes with local Food banks and the Hidden Homeless charity. Well done to Graham, Morag, John Kitching and Alicia for taking on volunteering roles with either the NHS or Voluntary Action Leeds. The WhatsApp groups for both Rotary and Inner Wheel continue to spread their quick-fire humour around the clubs.