CAMERA CLUB: Members were treated to an astonishing show of printed images last Thursday, beginning with ones that were originally slides, moving through ones taken on film to present day pictures taken with digital cameras. This impressive collection is the work of husband and wife team David and Sheila Coates, with so many letters after their names they would occupy a whole paragraph! Many of these pictures had been the winners of competitions both in this country and abroad and were of landscapes from our own limestone pavements to spectacular rocks in America. Formal meetings of the club are suspended for the next two weeks and resume on May 1 when the Pictorial competition will be judged by Graham Gage ARPS. If you are interested in photography, join us at Otley Town Partnership Rooms on Mercury Row where meetings start at 7.30pm. You can also visit

BRIDGE CLUB: On Monday, April 7, four and a half tables played 27 boards, winners: 1st Mr Martin and Mrs Pearson, 2nd Mr Spencer and Mr Welham, 3rd Mrs Banks and Mrs Colley.