BAPTIST CHURCH: We wish Howard and Margaret Davies every happiness in their new home, and also our organist Pam Molyneux as she moves into Ilkley into her new home this week. Various members of the congregation took part in the morning service of Palm Sunday, the theme of which was sacrifice focused on the cross as the culmination of Jesus’s earthly life. The opening worship was led by Graham Sunderland and Philip Thompson. Readings with brief commentary were read by David and Mu Thomas. Parts in a sketch illustrating the meaning of sacrifice were taken by Leri-Anne Morgan-Wynne, Eric and Judith Tomlinson and Malcolm Jones. Brian Silcock read part of an article on the theme of sacrifice by Steve Chalk, of Oasis Trust, followed by further reflections on sacrifice by Sheila Sunderland. Paul Chapman presided at the observance of the Lord’s Supper. Paul was responsible for the evening service. Anne Wilkinson read the lessons. The sermon considered by Jesus’s cleansing of the temple had been the ‘last straw’ inducing the authorities to work for the death of Jesus, and how Jesus, though realising the provocative nature of his action, nonetheless stepped out into the unknown darkness trusting in God, and we should do the same. The Maundy Thursday service will be conducted by Roger Whittaker, former coroner of the Bradford and Halifax districts.

OLICANA BRIDGE CLUB: News for week ending April 11. Monday, April 7, afternoon, seven tables, N/S: Pat Atkins and Cathy Lamb; E/W: Ina Crosby and Denuse Rhodes. Monday, April 7, evening, 15 Tables, N/S: David Guild and Keith Bown; E/W: Ian Jane and John Williams. Tuesday, April 8, 13 tables, N/S: Marjorie Gill and Joan Firth; E/W: Susan Whitaker and Angela Cordingley. Wednesday, April 9, morning, six tables, N/S: John Hodgson and David Jones; E/W: Ken Garrett and Louise Symons. Wednesday, April 9, evening, six tables, winners: Mary Barwick and Lauren Ingram; runner-up: Denny Garside and Mavis Currie. Thursday, April 10, 12 tables, N/S: Muriel North and Margaret Cowdell; E/W: Anne Holmes and Jane Cockcroft. Friday, April 11, four teams, winners: Roger Lott, June Manning, Heather Harvey and Janet Leach.