Village councillors are going on a fact-finding mission looking for ways to help Addingham businesses in the current economic climate.

Addingham Parish Council has set up a sub-committee to come up with new ways of working with and promoting business in the village, following comments from members of the business community and residents.

Resurrecting a council-initiated business forum, using the village website and putting up signs to encourage passers-by to use local businesses were among initial suggestions discussed last week.

Chairman, Councillor Catherine Coates, asked councillors at last Wednesday’s meeting to consider what the council could do to help businesses.

“It’s a worry at this present time. Businesses have shut down. It doesn’t give a very good view of the village,” she said.

The first task of the new sub-committee will be to find out what business owners in Addingham want and how they feel the council could help them.

Councillor John Mawson said there was once a business forum in Addingham, established with the help of the council, but it ceased to exist after only two meetings. He asked if it would be possible to resurrect this initiative.

The meeting also heard that traffic was down in the village.

Other suggestions included allowing businesses to sponsor a speed warning sign in Addingham, or paying for a sign letting motorists on Addingham bypass know what facilities are on offer in the village.

The council heard there are many residents working from home in Addingham, as well as the businesses who have prominent shops and offices, who also form part of the business community.

The council already produces a village guide, which gives details of services, community organisations and businesses.

Bradford councillor, Adrian Naylor (Con, Craven), has also suggested forging links with Ilkley Business Forum and working with organisations such as Ilkley Visitor Information Centre.