A consultation meeting has been called over unconventional plans to transform a village library into a mini supermarket, as opposition from local traders grows.

Ward councillor Matt Palmer (Con, Wharfedale) wants to give Burley-in-Wharfedale people a chance to air their views on the unconventional Co-op proposals at a meeting on Tuesday, September 6.

Negotiations have been taking place between Bradford Council and the Co-op about the future of the village library in Grange Road.

The Co-op already runs the nearby Burley Village Stores in Station Road, but wants bigger premises, and has proposed turning the library into a supermarket, building a new library on the first floor.

Supporters believe the move could safeguard the future of Burley Library, as Bradford Council cutbacks could mean more closures across the district.

But notices have gone up at a number of small independent shops in the village, urging residents to oppose the move, which it is feared could take trade away from the other businesses.

A petition against the store is being collected, and residents are being encouraged to attend a Burley Parish Council planning committee meeting on Monday.

Station Road butcher, David Rishworth, said 20 to 30 shoppers had already signed the petition in his shop, and the worry was that an expanded Co-op would take trade from smaller shops.

He said: “We’re just a little bit concerned. They’re providing eight car parking spaces, and if they’re going to be selling meat, fish, veg and sandwiches it’ll just take trade from everyone else in the village.”

Burley Parish Council’s meeting will be in the Queen’s Hall, at 7.30pm. Although no planning application has been submitted, basic plans can be seen at the parish council office between 9.30am and 11.30am on Wednesdays.

Councillor Palmer says next month’s bigger consultation meeting, designed to give both supporters and objectors a chance to speak out, will be in the Queen’s Hall on September 6, starting at 7.30pm.