The noble sport of hat throwing will make its return to Ilkley Moor on Saturday, this time with a charitable spin.

Competitors are being challenged to turn up at White Wells with approved headgear on Saturday morning for the Yorkshire Open Hat Throwing Competition.

The brains behind the contest, Bradford poet Glyn Watkins has teamed up with charitable organisation Seeing Hands Nepal to raise money for the cause.

Hat throwers will take aim at a weather vane in the outdoor competition, while the indoor competition involves casting a hat over the plunge pool in the Victorian spa, onto a hatstand borrowed from Ilkley’s Midland Hotel.

The sport is not to be taken entirely lightly, however, and throwers must comply with TIFFTHA (Transnational Institute For Formally Thrown Hat Associations) rules.

For instance, all hats must arrive on a human head, be judged safe to throw, biodegradeable in case of loss on the moor, and any helmets, plastic hats or metal-rimmed bowler hats will not be allowed.

The competition starts at 11.30am. Tickets are available on the day for a donation.