A village library has gained a stay of execution as talks continue about handing the service over to community volunteers.

Addingham Library, on Main Street, was one of five earmarked for closure at the end by June by Bradford Council.

Villagers and local councillors went into negotiations about taking over Addingham’s library service earlier this year, but do not have a body in place to take on the service.

Volunteers are also awaiting details of equipment and support available, to allow the village library to link into Bradford Council’s library services.

Now they have learned that the library will stay open until July 15, giving more time for transfer arrangements to be made.

Addingham Library, based in an Addingham Parish Council-owned building, could be the first in the Bradford District to be taken over by members of the public.

Bradford Council Assistant Director for Culture and Tourism, Tony Stephens, said: “Following the acceptance of a recommendation by councillors on the regeneration and economy scrutiny committee, we have extended the deadline for the withdrawal of the library service in Addingham and Denholme from June 30 to July 15, while discussions are ongoing.

“This will allow the community groups which have come forward with alternative management proposals to develop those proposals further.”

While talks go on about the future of Addingham Library, concerns have been raised by library campaigners about the long-term future of Ilkley Library.

Campaign group Save Bradford Libraries has voiced concern about public buildings such as Ilkley Library being put into the hands of an independent trust, a move recently supported by Ilkley ward councillor Anne Hawkesworth.

Campaigner Thomas Atkinson has voiced concerns about any transfer of public buildings to trust management.

Ward councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Con, Ilkley) recently addressed Ilkley Parish Council, and called for an Ilkley trust to take on the management of public buildings.

Mr Atkinson said: “Councillor Hawkesworth talks of the ‘flexibility’ of a trust, rather than a council, being in charge of our buildings. Would this gain be a result of a loss in accountability, or as a result of a loss of democracy? Both of these could be lost should a Trust take over these buildings.”

Mr Atkinson asked if trustees would be elected and fully accountable to the public.