Another UFO sceptic has reported seeing a fast-moving bright light over Rombalds Moor in recent weeks.

An Ilkley man says the object shot past him as he walked his dogs on Ilkley Moor in early December.

Steven Street, who described himself as ‘very sceptical’ about strange phenomena, says the object flew over from behind him at speed as he walked on the path between moorland landmark the Swastika Stone and Westwood Drive at around 7am on a Thursday.

Mr Street says he heard the sound of something travelling fast through the air, but the bright point of light was otherwise silent. It appeared to have been travelling close to the ground.

He lost sight of the light as it went over Panorama Woods.

“It went over the top of my head, as if it was coming from Bradford to Keighley,” he said.

Mr Street got in touch with reporters after reading about a Menston man seeing an unidentified flying object over Rombalds Moor last week.

The Menston resident witnessed what he claimed was a light travelling at beyond the speed of sound over Rombalds Moor. He spotted the fast-moving light in the early hours of Wednesday December 22.

He did not believe the object could be a satellite or a meteorite, and did not hear any sound from it.