A conference on alternative medicines and cures for pets, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, heads to Ilkley later this year.

The Paws Natural Health Conference will focus on all aspects of pet and animal health and welfare.

Experts in holistic treatments, complementary medicine, animal psychology and physical therapy for all types of pets will be on hand for the conference at Kings Hall and Winter Garden on Saturday, November 13.

The conference is the brainchild of Paws founder Tracey Crewdson and has taken her almost a decade to set up.

“I believe it is essential that an awareness of the benefit of using complementary medicine in conjunction with conventional methods is raised and that animal owners should be empowered to make balanced and informed decisions about the range of health and medical care options available,” she said.

“We will be addressing many controversial and contentious issues so that the public can be fully informed about the potential impact of drugs and foodstuffs commonly used.

“Through bringing together experts under one roof, pet owners will be able to make that first step towards learning more about how they can care for their pets and animals in a more natural and sustainable way.”

“With two of the leading vets in the field of complementary and conventional medicine giving talks, the public will have the opportunity to hear about the power of natural therapies in treating common and serious illness,” she added.

Holistic vet Christopher Day, who has been working in acupuncture, homeopathy and other alternative and complementary therapies for 38 years, and Brendan Clarke, who runs a veterinary group in Leeds, will be the key speakers at the conference.

Mr Day will discuss the impact of vaccination on the health of animals and will offer well-informed alternatives, while Mr Clarke will talk about the power of homeopathy and the benefits of natural nutrition using raw meat and bones – an approach viewed as controversial by some experts.

There will also be talks and workshops on animal psychology, physical therapy, training and nutrition throughout the day, as well as a range of exhibitors.