AS I write this article, I am listening to a ‘politics free’ episode of the Radio Four PM Programme.

The reason for this ‘politics free’ episode is, of course, because today is the day of the General Election and there can be nothing of a political nature broadcast today other than that the election is happening.

I have always considered it a great privilege to vote, something that I did earlier today, at 1.43pm to be precise. Now we wait to see what the country has decided.

As you read this article, you will know what the country has decided, and the election will be last week’s news, and the focus will now be on other issues.

With the heat of campaigning over I feel that it is worth pausing and reflecting on the privilege of living in a democracy, even though we would probably all agree that it is not perfect.

We can have our say on our country’s direction, we can do so freely, and we can do so regularly. That is something I am thankful for.

Sometimes we can take for granted the things that we can do easily but take a moment to look around you today and see the wonder of the world in which we live.

Do you see the joy of family and friends, the beauty of creation, the fun of leisure pursuits, the peace of a quiet space, what is it that you see today that, perhaps, you take for granted in the rush and pressure of daily life but for which you are deeply thankful?

My faith tells me that God blesses us each day and that those blessings are often in the ordinary things of life.

God enables me to see the ordinary with new eyes and see the blessings within. I am thankful for that.