MENSTON Preschool has once again been awarded an 'Outstanding' rating by education watchdog Ofsted in their recent inspection on June 6.

This marks an extraordinary achievement as the preschool has secured the highest possible rating in every area of assessment, including behaviour, quality of education, professional development and leadership and management.

The latest Ofsted report, published on July 8, heaped praise on the preschool.

It said: "Children thrive at this wonderfully welcoming setting. They are greeted at the door by their key person before waving goodbye to their parents and carers. Children are eager to learn and greet their friends excitedly. They chat about their morning confidently, excited to share news from home. Children have great relationships with staff."

It praised the curriculum saying it is "inspiring and ambitious for every child".

It adds: "The education provided at this setting is inclusive, ambitious and adaptable. It supports every child, including those with SEND, to progress through all areas of their learning. This prepares them well for the next stage in their education. The curriculum is well designed. Children are focused and engaged in their learning."

Menston Preschool is proud to work in partnership with parents who are actively included in their child’s educational journey through stay and play sessions and regular updates regarding their child’s progress.

The report highlighted that: "Partnerships with parents are extremely strong. Parents are highly complimentary of the setting acknowledging that staff go above and beyond to include them in their children’s educational journey."

The preschool also emphasises the importance of community engagement, working alongside community groups including the Menston Community Fridge which they visit to get their snacks and welcome visits from local adults to talk about faiths and professions.

Recent statistics reveal that only 19 per cent of early years providers in England received an Outstanding rating in their latest inspection. This underscores the exceptional quality of education and care provided by Menston Preschool.

Manager Mrs Jo Jackson said: “We are delighted with the report which recognises and identifies the strengths of our preschool. It was clear to the inspector that the children that attend Menston Preschool develop a love of learning through exploration, experimentation and play, which is testament to the dedication and skill of our wonderful staff."

For more information about Menston Preschool, Kirklands Community Centre, Main Street, LS29 6HT, phone: 01943 876252 or