ROCK legend Pete Townshend was so blown away when he discovered The Bookshop Band that he offered to produce their next album.

The result is, Emerge, Return. You can hear the band – Ben Please and Beth Porter – play the album live when they appear at The Grove Bookshop, Ilkley on Sunday, July 7 at 11am for a free 30-minute pop-up show as part of a 70-date UK tour.

They will also be playing on the same day at 3pm at UpCo, 7 Courthouse Street, Otley (tickets £15 from

Mike Sansbury, manager of The Grove Bookshop, said: “We’re very much looking forward to welcoming The Bookshop Band. This is an event that should appeal to anyone who loves great literature and enjoys excellent music – and it will be all the more enjoyable because it will be taking place in an intimate and friendly location.”

The band, which has worked with many celebrated authors, plays gigs in small bookshops across the UK, USA and Europe. It is much admired among writers, with best-sellers such as Kate Mosse (The Ghost Ship) specifically asking them to write songs for book launches.

The band has existed largely off-grid, occupying a creative space between the music and book worlds. Their approach is to read books, respond by writing a song, then bring the work to new audiences by performing in (mostly independent) bookshops.

They have previously recorded 13 albums, which have been sold at gigs and online. Emerge, Return will be their first wider, commercial release.

Beth said: “Ben and I are really excited to be touring this album. Playing these songs live and getting to share stories in bookshops is what this band is all about.”