A MOTORING organisation has criticised rising drop-off charges at Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA).

The charges are imposed at airports where people want to be dropped off or picked up as close to the terminal as possible.

LBA has upped its drop-off charges in the last year.

Car drivers heading there pay £6.50 for 10 minutes - up from £6 in 2023 and £5 in 2022.

Meanwhile, it currently costs £15 for 30 to 60 minutes - up from £14 last year.

The RAC described drop-off charges as "eye-watering" and an "annual industry ritual".

LBA said it has a zone, around four minutes' walk from the terminal building, where drivers can park for free for up to an hour - but the RAC said this may not be appropriate for people with mobility issues or those travelling with a lot of luggage.

RAC head of policy Simon Williams said: "Unfortunately, the eye-watering drop-off fees at Leeds Bradford seem to be part of an annual industry ritual where many airports hike their prices for no obvious reason.

"Getting dropped off to catch a plane helpfully avoids expensive taxi fares and parking charges, but it seems airport operators are doing all they can to make this less convenient and affordable for their customers. 

"To avoid the expensive drop-off fees, it’s important to book early and take advantage of any discounts, like those offered in return for signing up to an airport e-newsletter.

"Leeds Bradford also has a free one-hour parking zone a short walk from the terminal, although this is more hassle if you have mobility issues or are travelling with a lot of luggage."

A spokesperson for LBA said: "Pick-up and drop-off car park prices increased in April 2024. More information on these changes can be found via our website.

"LBA continues to maintain its free one-hour zone and is one of the only UK airports to do so in close walking distance to the terminal building.

"Located three to four minutes' walk from the terminal, it is ideal for parking up and heading inside to meet arriving passengers.  

"LBA continues to offer one-hour free parking within its pick-up and drop-off car park for customers in full electric vehicles - subject to fair use policy - to encourage carbon free travel.

"Travelling Blue Badge holders have access to the pick-up and drop-off car park for a period of 60 minutes for the price of £6.50.

"LBA's pricing remains competitive with UK regional airports."