AIREDALE Symphony Orchestra will be performing the Mahler 5 symphony at their next concert ‘Transformation’ at the King's Hall, Ilkley, on Sunday, June 30.

Elizabeth Edgington, chair of ASO said: "This incredibly exciting, beautiful and emotional symphony is one of the titans of orchestral music. With a massive 80 musicians on stage, and every percussion instrument you can imagine, you’ll have a musical experience like no other! Key to the symphony are the solo horn and first trumpet, who are taking on some of the most challenging solos ever written for these instruments.

Shannon Gateley Shannon Gateley (Image: Col Morley

"On trumpet we have Shannon Gateley, who remarkably didn’t start playing until age 13 when she didn’t want to be left out of a younger brother’s trumpet lessons! But this didn’t stop her studying trumpet at Manchester University and later at the Royal Academy of Music. Our solo horn player Ewan Hudson also started his instrument later than usual – swapping from the trumpet to French horn at 18 for a remarkable journey to French horn fab via Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and studying music at university. Ewan’s role in June will mean moving from being an orchestral player to being a soloist, standing on his own in the orchestra, so his music will shine through over the orchestra in an effect sometimes described as ‘the voice of God’. Ewan is more pragmatic, he says the horn will give that still, beautiful, perfect moment of reflection during music of deep emotion from the rest of the orchestra. Meanwhile Shannon will be kicking off the whole symphony with an iconic trumpet solo that is both exciting and foreboding of the turmoil ahead.

"Known and feared by all trumpet players, Shannon says she’s excited to do it, and certainly at rehearsal, both soloists sound absolutely amazing. Alongside the ebullient Shostakovich Festival Overture, and the famous Peer Gynt Suite by Greig with ‘Morning’ and ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’, this will definitely be a wonderful evening of music played by fabulous local musicians. Come and experience this amazing performance."

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