BURLEY and Woodhead Primary School roped in local team Burley Trojans, and ex-Bradford star, Danny Forrest, to help promote sportsmanship, ethical consumerism, and community involvement in a Fairtrade Football Fun day.

The event gave staff and students the opportunity to celebrate the importance of Fairtrade practices while providing a fun-filled day celebrating football.

Reception class taking part in a skills sessionReception class taking part in a skills session

Ex-Bradford City player Danny Forrest, together with volunteer coaches from local team, Burley Trojans, helped children join in football-themed games, tournaments, and skill sessions.

The event featured presentations from school councillors that highlighted the importance of buying Fairtrade products, and the positive impact this has on farmers and workers around the world.

By incorporating Fairtrade footballs and other ethically sourced products into the day's activities, the whole school highlighted its commitment to social responsibility and global awareness.

"We were thrilled to host this Fairtrade Football Fun day," said Nina Dobson, the Head of Burley and Woodhead Primary. "It was a unique opportunity for our students to learn about the importance of ethical consumerism in a fun and engaging way. Our whole school community is committed to promoting Fairtrade practices, helping to shape a more just and sustainable world, one kick at a time."

Learning mentor, Sally Hughes celebrating Fairtrade products Learning mentor, Sally Hughes celebrating Fairtrade products

The school’s Learning Mentor, Sally Hughes, who helped the school council set up the event, thanked Danny and Burley Trojans volunteers for their support. 

“Staff and children loved dressing up in their football kits, practising new skills, and learning an important message about fairness both on and off the football pitch. The School Council carries out a whole year programme dedicated to Fair Trade, and this was a new highlight.”