BURLEY and Woodhead CE Primary School in Burley-in-Wharfedale is celebrating an 'Outstanding' Ofsted report, which described the school as having ‘huge ambition for its pupils’ and a place where ‘pupils thrive’.

The latest Ofsted report, to be published this week, agreed with the view expressed by parents that the school is ‘amazing’ and heaped praised on both the teaching and the achievements of the children, who they summarise as ‘caring deeply about their school and each other’.

The inspection followed hot on the heels of an ungraded inspection in late 2022, when inspectors, at the time, felt there was enough evidence to show the school was outstanding. Inspectors then returned to the school in January 2024, and confirmed the school’s move from its previous grading of 'Good' to 'Outstanding'.

Key areas highlighted included the ‘ambitious curriculum’, one where children 'are encouraged to think deeply, ask questions and discuss, develop and challenge opinions.’

It also highlighted the high quality SEND provision for pupils across school, describing it as ‘highly aspirational’ and providing SEND pupils with ‘every opportunity to achieve the same ambitious curriculum as their peers’.

Pupils behaviour was described as ‘exemplary’ and inspectors said children demonstrated extremely positive attitudes towards their learning. They also emphasised how proud children were of their school and that they could talk openly about how happy and safe they felt whilst at school.

Burley and Woodhead is a Department for Education designated ‘English Hub’ school and supports other schools in Bradford and North Yorkshire to provide excellent teaching in phonics and early language. This expertise was also recognised in the inspection, which found that 'the teaching of reading is a strength of the school’.

Headteacher Mrs Nina Dobson, who joined the school in September 2023 said: “We are absolutely delighted with the report and that the inspectors felt we are an outstanding school. We strive to inspire a love of learning in our children so it was particularly gratifying to see this recognised by the inspectors. There was a recognition that, for staff, the school feels like a family, and that is something I can recognise since I began work at the school this year.

“We are also incredibly grateful that we have such supportive and involved parents at Burley Woodhead. The response to the parent survey was overwhelming and it meant a huge amount to all staff to know how highly parents valued the school.”