What a perfect tonic for a chilly March evening. As mad as a March hare and as pacey too, this fabulous production, featuring two of British literature’s best loved characters – Jeeves and Wooster – will have you laughing out loud and loving every minute at Ilkley Playhouse.

Jamesine Cundell-Walker has directed the Goodall Brothers’ adaptation of Wodehouse’s classic partnership with pin-point accuracy and the actors are on fire with it!

As the curtains open, we meet the cast in repose: seemingly we catch them unawares and they’re not ready for us. But within seconds they are up and at it. Many theatrical conventions are broken here – including the fourth wall - as we are addressed directly and warmly welcomed into the fun.

Alex Whitaker plays Bertie Wooster with enormous energy and they bound across the stage inhabiting the role in its entirety. This is a big performance and Alex has all the moves, faces, voices and interactions to make it really special. They are also perhaps the fortunate one of the small cast who only has to play one part – albeit a very big one!

All the other parts are played by Beth Townsend and Vani Midgely who multi-role their socks off and quite frequently their trousers, hats and hair too. Whilst Beth is always Jeeves, she also beautifully embodies various love interests – of both genders and sometimes manages to do this simultaneously, switching accents, outfits, entrances and demeanours quite flawlessly.

Vani too, whilst she begins as an ancient, bow-legged butler, rapidly transforms into shopkeepers, policemen, loud mouthed aunts and even a various dodgy fellow who is at times, I’m afraid, rather wooden – not the performance – you’ll have to see it to understand the reference!

This is not easy stuff and it takes great skill – enormous skill – to pull it off and these three actors do exactly that!

As for the plot, well, it’s a delightful mystery! Suffice it to say, it’s a farce in which there are easily recognisable characters: someone wants to get married, someone else is determined to have milk jug that looks like a cow and at some point Bertie Wooster was undoubtedly arrested and fined £5 for stealing a policeman’s helmet. However, it was the night of the boat race so it doesn’t count! Above all it should be clearly understood that ‘You can’t be a successful dictator and design ladies’ underwear!’ There is everything to enjoy here in this hilarious, slick and utterly charming comedy. And as for it being a tonic, it’ll go well with a gin! Plenty of time afterwards to enjoy a drink in the bar!

It runs at Ilkley Playhouse until 16th March. Definitely one to catch. Bookings can be made by calling 01943 609539 or online at www.ilkleyplayhouse.co.uk