THE epic Icelandic drama Godland is Ilkley Film Society's next presentation on Sunday, February 4th (8pm, Ilkley Playhouse).

The film is set in the late 19th century when Iceland was still a dependency of Denmark. Lucas, a Lutheran priest who is also a keen amateur photographer, is sent to Iceland with the task of building a church and establish a parish for a Danish settlement. He decides to travel overland with horses and Icelandic guides instead of sailing around the coast, in order to explore and photograph the land. The first half of this 143 minute film is devoted to the journey and the second half to the tensions, battles and personal rivalries he faces in the settlement.

With visually magnificent work from cinematographer Maria von Hausswolff, director Hlynur Palmason's second feature has won awards in ten different countries and becomes the fifth film from Iceland screened by the society.

Guests are welcome, as always, but should phone Dave Howell on 01943 430097 or email using the Film Society website to ensure admission.

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