SOUGHT-after Scottish chamber-folk quartet RANT are set to take their energetic and moving live show to Otley Courthouse on Sunday, February 18.

The UK tour comes as the celebrated fiddle group, comprising Bethany Reid from Shetland, Anna Massie and Lauren MacColl from the Highland peninsula of the Black Isle and Gillian Frame from Arran, release their new album Spin.

Out Friday, February 9, 2024, Spin is a bold, ambitious and reflective collection of tracks and an album of reinterpretation, weaving nostalgia with innovation.

The charming body of work pays tribute to the tracks and artists that influenced the quartet’s formative years, putting a new ‘spin’ on diverse music by bands and musicians from across the globe.

Celebrating a decade of musical excellence, the quartet are set to captivate Otley audiences with their rich tapestry of melodies, textures and stories woven through their fiddles.

Lauren MacColl said: “After touring as a band for a decade, it felt like the right time to do something reflective. Our new album Spin has allowed us to do just that and put our own take, or ‘spin’, on music that was influential on us in our early years.

“It’s always a joy to take a new album on the road for the first time and we can’t wait to share a piece of our creative history and our love of fiddle music at Otley Courthouse this February. It’s going to be an unforgettable night and we hope Otley audiences can join us.”

With three critically acclaimed albums under their belt, RANT remain at the forefront of the Scottish fiddle scene.

A culmination of four of the country’s finest fiddle players, each band-member is successful in their own right, both as individual artists and with other groups and projects, including Blazin’ Fiddles and Salt House.

Catch RANT at Otley Courthouse on Sunday, February 18.