LABOUR Parliamentary Candidate for Keighley and Ilkley John Grogan has written to Bradford Council's Chief Executive Lorraine O’Donnell, urging the Council to mothball any significant council facilities closed as a result of cuts so that they can be reopened in the future.

In particular he mentioned the Golden Butts Waste and Recycling Centre in Ilkley and the Sugden End Waste and Recycling Centre in Cross Roads, Keighley.

He said: "Last year after a cross party campaign proposals to close Keighley Tip were abandoned and reserves were used to plug the spending gap. In an ideal world we would mount the same campaign again but this year the financial situation is far worse and the reserves have run out. This is against a national background where Conservative Surrey has suffered only 8% cuts in government funding in recent years compared with 28% in Bradford.

"My understanding is that neither of Bradford’s Conservative MPs are supporting the council’s appeal for extra funding from Government. Unless the Government funds Yorkshire councils like Bradford fairly cuts are inevitable and the council has a legal duty to meet the spending demands of the independent trust which now runs children’s services in the district.

"Unless the Government acts I think it is more likely than not that the council will soon issue a Section 114 notice effectively declaring bankruptcy and stopping non essential expenditure. Local government experts are predicting that at least a fifth of councils of all political colours are likely to have to go down this route.

"Both Sugden End and Golden Butts are crucial to both local waste management and the battle against fly tipping. The fact that as a society we are even considering closing them is a symbol of how far our public services are being hollowed out. If a new government is elected later this year it will be a huge task to put things right but at least if the facilities are mothballed rather than closed the decision could be reversed."

Mr Grogan has also asked Bradford Council to have exploratory talks with interested parties in Ilkley about the possibility of converting Ilkley Lido and Pool into a non profit Community Benefit Society.

"The Council has started a review into all its sports and leisure centres which is aiming to save £1.25million by 2025 implying that there will be some closures," he said. "No pool or Leisure Centre is safe in the current dire financial circumstances. A number of people in Ilkley have approached me about the possibility of the lido becoming a non profit community benefit society which would enable more grant opportunities to be pursued. Now would seem a good time to explore what might be possible in the town as it is essential that the future of the lido and the pool is not threatened."