ILKLEY Town Council has received legal advice that there are absolutely no grounds on which the council may challenge the 20mph zone payment arrangements.

At the November meeting of Ilkley Town Council councillors voted to ask Bradford Council to immediately pause implementation of the proposed (20mph and speed humps) scheme and draft a new targeted 20mph zone, which would be subject to further public consultation and approval by the town council.

The town council also approved expenditure of £1,000 to seek legal advice on the validity of the section 278 funding agreement and whether or not it can be set aside.

However, Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s executive member for regeneration, planning and transport, responded saying he expected Ilkley Town Council to honour its commitment to the scheme.

And at a meeting of Ilkley Town Council on Monday this week the legal advice confirmed the council could not challenge the payment arrangements.

Speaking after Monday’s meeting Ilkley Town Mayor Councillor Karl Milner said: “The truth is, as Alex said, with all councillors present the 20mph is supported. The outside ring of signage is now up. This seems to be an end point for some on the anti-20 side.”