SINCE launching its Friends scheme on November 17 The Clarke Foley Community Centre has raises its first £2,000.

Business manager Joe Short expressed his thanks saying:“We’ve been overwhelmed by the support, kindness, and generosity we’ve received from the community for both our friends scheme, and for the centre as a whole.” The speed at which we’ve managed to raise such a considerable sum shows just how much it means to people, and it’s been incredibly heartening and humbling to hear, first-hand, about the positive impact and effect this place has on so many people’s lives.”

Mr Short said the scheme isn’t a quick-fix solution to the centre’s challenging financial situation, but a long-term initiative to protect the centre on a permanent basis.

He added: “If enough people sign up to the scheme on an annual basis, it has the potential to play a considerable role in protecting the facility in the long-term. This isn’t simply a one-off fundraising effort, but a constant way that people can show their support and help raise vital funds all year, every year. We couldn’t have hoped for a more positive start.”

You can sign up to become a friend via the website at pick up a form in the centre and pay in person, or contact the office team on 07442 261462 to make a payment by phone.