LYNNE Bye, of Ilkley, has been named among the most exceptional women in cycling by Cycling UK through its annual 100 Women in Cycling list.

Lynn was nominated as an industry mogul for co-founding Fat Lad at the Back, a manufacturer of size-inclusive cycle kit for men and women.

Each year, the UK’s cycling charity recognises women from all corners of the cycling world who have had a positive impact by inspiring others to cycle and thus helping make cycling a more inclusive space.

Despite the 2021 census showing there are more women than men in the UK, men are much more likely to cycle regularly than women. Cycling UK wants to show through its annual celebration of these inspiring individuals that cycling can be for everyone – no matter your gender, background or ability.

Sarah Mitchell, Cycling UK’s chief executive, said: “Cycling is a fantastic way to get around sustainably, keep fit and have fun outdoors and we want everyone to benefit from the joy of cycling. But in the UK, substantially fewer women ride than men. It’s our mission to reverse that and see equal levels of cycling across all genders.

“A great way to encourage more women to cycle is to share the stories of these amazing women – whether they’re chronicling their adventures on social media, advocating for better infrastructure in their neighbourhoods, inspiring their communities to join them for a ride or winning medals around the world.

“Choosing the top one hundred winners involves some really tough choices – there are so many brilliant women out there who we’d want to celebrate.”

Lynn Bye, 56, describes herself as ‘not much of a cyclist’ so being co-founder for size-inclusive cycle kit brand Fat Lad at the Back might seem like an odd occupation. However Lynn’s lack of preconceptions about the sport enabled her to create a unique space within the industry, pioneering inclusivity and leading cycling into a more inclusive, accepting place.

Fat Lad at the Back’s positivity, fun messaging and investment in community have resulted in unprecedented success at empowering people of all shapes and sizes onto bikes.

Lynn said: “It’s a privilege to be part of so many inspiring stories and to make such a difference to so many people’s lives.”

To see the full list, visit Cycling UK’s website: