PRICKLY Pigs Hedgehog Rescue had a visit last week from the Mayor of Otley, Ray Smith.

The Prickly Pigs Calendars are now on sale at the Core, Otley Town Council Offices on Orchard Street, Otley. £1 from the sale of every calendar sold at the Core is being donated to the Mayor's charity - Otley Food Bank.

Cllr Smith said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to 'Prickly Pigs,'. Our little spiky friends are so lucky to have such loyal and caring folks to look after them! I met 40 hedgehogs who were being cared for before their release back into the wild. I would encourage everyone to try and support this initiative by donating wet dog or cat food or by helping to fund 'Prickly Pigs' endeavours. I was surprised to discover that these enchanting little creatures are now on the endangered list. You could help just by buying a calendar from the Core. £1 from every sale is being donated to Otley Food Bank. It's a 'win,win' situation.”

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