Homage2Fromage, the creators of the UK’s most popular cheese events, has launched a new cheesy pop-up at The Curious Hop Beer Café in Otley.

The cheese-mad team has invented a new cheese dish called the ‘Yorkiflette’ which combines oozy layers of cheesy potatoes and onions housed inside a crispy Yorkshire pudding to create the ultimate comfort food.

Yorkiflette is available in three flavours; classic, mushroom and bacon for just £7 each. They can be ‘crowned’ for an extra £2 with even more cheese; Smokey with smoked brie and garlic, Blue with Yorkshire Blue and honey and Chilli with Flaming Pepper Long Clawson and hot sauce.

Its creators, Nick Copland and Chris Dutton of Homage2Fromage came up with the dish as a way to celebrate all things cheese and Yorkshire in one dish, that goes perfectly with a beer.

Nick Copland, co-founder of Homage2Fromage said: “We have always thought there should be a pub food that truly celebrates melted cheese but is not a toastie or pizza. The Curious Hop in Otley asked us to do a pop-up so we started thinking about creating something brand-new that would be perfect with a beer.”

The Yorkiflette pop up is open in Curious Hope Beer Café from 3pm to 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays and from 12pm to 8pm on Saturdays.

Chris Dutton adds: “We love Tartiflette – an oozy super-rich combination of potatoes, onions and cheese from Switzerland, but could it be upgraded and made more Yorkshire? We developed a more easy-eating version that packs layers of potato and onions inside a crisp Yorkshire Pudding topped with our secret combo of cheese! The Yorkilfette was born.

“Yes, it’s crispy and piping hot, melty, unctuous, quick and so easy to eat and of course – cheesy to the max because cheese is life.”