A PARISH Poll carried out in Ilkley to gauge reaction to the planned 20mph speed reduction with road humps has resulted in a resounding no.

Polling was carried out on Monday October 23, with 4,148 of the town’s eligible 11,950 voters turning out to vote — 34.71 per cent.

There were six questions on the ballot paper, each with a yes or no response.

The first question — Do you want a combined town wide 20mph zone with road humps? — garnered 3,606 no votes compared to 433 yeses.

However, a question asking “Are you in favour of targeted 20mph zones?” resulted in 2,256 voting yes compared to 1,786 saying no.

The remaining questions drew the following results:

Do you want a town wide 20mph speed limit? Yes: 994 No: 3,059

Do you support having town wide road humps? Yes: 356 No: 3,666

Are you in favour of targeted road humps? Yes: 1,085 No: 2,953

Do you support Ilkley Town Council spending £87,500 on the proposed scheme? Yes: 760 No: 3,261

The Parish Poll was held after residents voted to hold it at a packed meeting earlier this month at King’s Hall in Ilkley.

However, the results of the Parish Poll are non binding.

Bradford Council has published an order comes into force on 3 November 2023 to enable the scheme to go ahead.

A copy of the order together with a map showing the affected roads may be examined below or during normal office hours at the Customer Services Reception, City Hall, Bradford, BD1 and Ilkley Library, quoting reference number P/HS/THN/105016/CON-2C.

Visit https://bradford.moderngov.co.uk/mgConsultationDisplay.aspx?ID=604 for more information.

For results of the Parish Poll visit: https://www.bradford.gov.uk/your-council/elections-and-voting/ilkley-parish-poll-election-result-of-poll/