News that the sales team behind the award-winning former Renault dealership, Nicholas Smiths, are delighted to be back in Otley with Kineholme Garages Ltd, has slowly become common knowledge.  

The 'new Kineholme' is part of the equally renowned and long-established Batchelors Motor Group. The family-run Batchelors Motor Group has been successfully serving car buyers in Ripon and York since the 1980s, and have franchises for Mitsubishi, Nissan and Suzuki. 

"The whole ethos of the Batchelors Motor Group is 'TLC not PLC'. The customer comes first," said branch manager Brett Dawson. "This is a company ethos which we whole heartedly endorse and identify with and what brought us back to Otley and Kineholme of Otley."

During their time at Nicholas Smiths, car buyers came to appreciate the decades of experience both Brett Dawson, and Steve Ward (aftersales manager), were able to call on to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Ilkley Gazette:

Brett and Steve’s dedication to providing a quality customer service was reflected in the dealership repeatedly winning Renault customer care awards and regularly being placed in the top 10 per cent of Renault dealerships for customer satisfaction.

“We were consistently one of Renault UK top 10 dealerships for customer satisfaction,” said Brett.

“We achieved that goal through our attention to detail and making sure everything we did was customer centric.

“To fulfil that aim required us to have a knowledgeable and attentive team which always puts the customer first."

Ilkley Gazette:

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the duo is determined to build on previous successes at the long established Kineholme of Otley. The dealership, which specialises in Renault and Dacia and offers sales, services, parts and accessories, has served Otley and the surrounding area since the 1970s.

Brett and Steve’s knowledge of the motor trade is equally storied. This year, Brett is celebrating four decades in the industry with his experience stretching from the showroom floor to dealership manager and director of Nicholas Smiths.

Ilkley Gazette:

Said Brett: “Steve, who is our aftersales manager, and I have a good way of putting a vibe into a place, but we never lose focus of what is customer service and what provides customer satisfaction.

“Our first nine months at Kineholme of Otley have been great, with a steady increase in customer satisfaction.”

Ilkley Gazette:

Customer satisfaction is monitored and gauged through manufacturers surveys and Google reviews.

“We provide a five-star service, and our aim is, by the end of our first year, to see that ambition realised with a 5-star Google review. We are currently at 4.8.”

Address: Kineholme of Otley, Bradford Road, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3LS

Sales: 01943 462352

Web: Kineholme of Otley