AS part of the Rotary Recycling Day in Ilkley, trainers and other shoes were collected.

The Ilkley U3A craft group requested this collection, as members have contacts with BIASAN, the Bradford Immigration and Asylum Support Network, who distribute the items to people arriving in the city with very little.

David Whiteley, of the craft group, along with his wife Jacqui, delivered the items.

He said: "The pleasure came from the reactions of the BIASAN volunteers who received them. Their gratitude shone out. A day later we received a message from their distribution coordinator, telling us that all the shoes had already been given to those in need of them.

"Another item we delivered was a large number of warm colourful knitted hats. These had all been knitted by one crafter, who happens to be seriously visually impaired. The coordinator was pleased to tell us that some of these hats were already being seen on the streets of Bradford.

"I was only the driver. The people of Ilkley who contributed, Rotary, and the Craft Group should all be proud of themselves. Thank you again, all of you."