A CAMPAIGN to site defibrillators in community settings is celebrating its tenth year - with the installation of its latest device set to mark the anniversary.

The Public Access Defibrillators UK scheme was launched by Brian Firth on November 11, 2013 following the death of a customer at the Morrison’s supermarket in Guiseley.

Brian, a First Responder for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service at the time, was shocked to discover there wasn’t a public access defibrillator within seven miles of Guiseley.

So he launched his campaign that has seen hundreds of CPADs (Community Public Access Defibrillators) installed in an area covering Skipton to Leeds, and also into the Scottish Borders and the North East.

Brian said: “The defibrillator campaign celebrates its 10th anniversary on the 11th November 2023 and we are planning a couple of things to celebrate the occasion.

“The original CPAD installed at the Guiseley Morrisons Supermarket is to be updated with a new modern defibrillator and cabinet, dedicated to the person whose death inspired the campaign.

“A new CPAD is to be installed at the Guiseley Factory Working Mens Club which is close by to the Guiseley Cenotaph. Very fitting as the 10th anniversary falls on Remembrance Day.

“This CPAD will cover right up to the Moorlands Estate and the lower end of Carlton Lane which are not presently covered by the other Guiseley CPADs.”

The success of the campaign has resulted in the saving of 19 lives to date, including those of Otley Councillor Ryk Downes, John Goldthorp who is a well known Yorkshire Cricketer from Pool-in-Wharfedale, Trevor Hopton from Horsforth and more recently Stanley Burton from Otley.

The scheme is a totally non profit campaign which relies on donations from residents, businesses and groups such as Lions Clubs and Rotary Clubs. Some Parish and Town Councils are also very supportive of the campaign both in funding additional CPADs and the consumables as needed.

The campaign now has close to 30 volunteer defibrillator guardians who check them every four to six weeks and following deployments.

The campaign recently donated a CPAD to the Bamburgh Castle in Northumbland which was the seat of King (ST) Oswald who gifted much of the land around Aireborough and Wharfedale to the Archbishop of York. It also has CPADs installed in Devon, North Wales and Tunbridge Wells.

If you are interested in supporting the campaign or looking to fund a CPAD for your community please contact Brian Firth on 07909660375 or chief coordinator Andy Bodkin on 07941625189.