FOLLOWING the demand for a Parish Poll on proposals for a town-wide 20mph zone in Ilkley at the Town Meeting in Ilkley on Tuesday, October 3, Electoral Services at Bradford Council have confirmed that the Parish Poll has been scheduled for Monday, October 23, 2023.

A spokesperson for Ilkley Town Council said: "The notice of the poll will be issued early next week and Electoral Services have advised that the Returning Officer will be issuing a letter to all electors with details of the arrangements for polling – this will include polling station information."

A Bradford Council spokesperson added: “Ilkley Parish Poll has been scheduled for Monday 23 October 2023. The parish poll is arranged in accordance with The Parish and Community Meetings (Polls) Rules 1987 with the cost of the poll borne by Ilkley Town Council. Those rules do not provide for Poll Cards, Postal voting, or Proxy voting, and specify different polling hours to other elections. Voting is in person only between the hours of 4pm and 9pm.

“A letter will be issued to electors next week to inform them of the poll and polling arrangements. A Notice of Poll is to be published on Monday 9 October which will provide details of the questions to be asked at the poll along with list of polling stations where electors can attend and vote at the poll.”