AN Ilkley woman who runs a business selling eco-friendly wool products took London by storm — when she drove a flock of sheep over the River Thames to the heart of the City.

Sarah Turner is the founder of Little Beau Sheep, and her success in the industry led to her becoming a member of the Worshipful Company of Woolmen, an organisation which dates back to the year 1180.

One of the “perks” of membership is the right to take sheep over Southwark Bridge and into the City of London where a Livery Fair is held — a right that Sarah has just exercised.

It’s a way for people working in the wool industry like Sarah to highlight the industry and how important it is to the British economy.

Sarah, 43, launched the business in 2015 after relocating from her Marketing Manager role at HSBC in London to create a company inspired by her new Yorkshire surroundings.

She has been recognised by many industry bodies over the years, has starred on BBC’s Countryfile, been awarded a Small Business Award by Theo Paphitis and has been invited to the House of Lords.

Little Beau Sheep was born from using British wool to create more eco-friendly laundry products. After having her first baby, Sarah took her craft of felting and turned it into an award-winning business.  Sarah and her team hand-make a range of natural and novel gifts and goodies in the heart of Yorkshire.

Sarah said: “ I truly believe that wool’s environmental credentials are just as relevant today as it was in the 12th Century.

"The Livery Fair at the end of the drive promotes the wool industry and interest in wool, wool products, sheep farming, shearing, wool production; textiles and design; research into appropriate veterinary procedures and practices; education relevant to the wool industry.

“As part of my mission to get more people appreciating the qualities of wool this is something very special for me to be involved in.”

Sarah is evangelical about wool — how it keeps you both cool and warm, how it’s naturally waterproof, and also flame resistant.

She added: “But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg – don’t get me started about the environmental advantages of wool and how it’s the ideal alternative to plastic-shedding man-made fabrics, which take years to degrade in landfill. So, as a champion for wool – and British wool especially – I’m super keen to spread the word about this amazing fabric.”