A column about the small and simple changes we can make to reduce our carbon footprint and save money too…

Greener can mean cheaper

It’s a myth that adapting to climate change costs is expensive and not worth the hassle. Take a look at our 10 top tips for cutting your spending whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Try shopping on foot at least once a week. Lighten the load by using a pull-along shopping trolley – you can now buy stylish ones quite cheaply! Alternatively try using a bike with panniers for last-minute grocery trips for those few forgotten items.

2. Cook with induction hobs or microwaves – it works out cheaper than cooking with gas.

3. Swap clothes with friends, hire outfits for events, or buy second-hand. We have a big choice of charity shops in Otley, plus Jenni’s Dresser on Cross Green for pre-loved event wear.

4. Use an e-bike with a trailer to take children to school or for the family shop (why not try out the Otley Town Council e-bike - email bikes@otleytowncouncil.org)

5. Declutter and sell unwanted items on online auction sites like eBay, or offer for free on Otley Freecycle, Gumtree or similar.

6. Try eating vegetarian or vegan, at least some of the time – it is usually cheaper than a meat/fish diet, especially if you cook for yourself.

7. Have a go at growing your own veg and fruit in a garden, allotment, even a pot or window box.

8. Use second-hand shops, car-boot sales or sites such as Facebook Marketplace as much as possible for your household items, toys, garden equipment.

9. Taking a trip to the retail park in Guiseley, or going to Ellar Ghyll? Why not use an e-cargo bike - you can hire one from Otley Town Council.

10. Reuse plastic containers for washing-up liquid, shampoo etc and refill at your local plastic-free shop, Like Nana Did at Orchardgate – you might be surprised at the price!

If you make one change this week, try one of our easy, cost-cutting, carbon-saving tips!

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