YEAR 11 students at Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Otley, have achieved an excellent set of GCSE results in the return to pre-pandemic standardisation.

Showing remarkable perseverance since their education was first interrupted by the pandemic early in their secondary education in Year 8, they have been rewarded with some extremely strong outcomes, particularly at the higher end.

Ilkley Gazette: Lucy ChambersLucy Chambers (Image: Prince Henry's)

An impressive number achieved top grades across a range of subjects, surpassing national averages by some way, including around 8% at grade 9, which is 3% above national. A phenomenal 35% of all grades awarded were at 9-7 which, when compared with the national average of 22% this year is particularly impressive. Students achieved a number of other firsts in various other measures, including 61% who achieved a strong pass (5+) in both English and Maths, which surpasses the same measure from 2019 and those previously, with similar trends also seen in Humanities and Languages.

Ilkley Gazette: Eleanor Davision, Charlotte Reeves, Carys BownesEleanor Davision, Charlotte Reeves, Carys Bownes (Image: Prince Henry's)

As usual there is much to celebrate with numerous individual accomplishments hidden amongst the data to outline the school's pride in Prince Henry’s being a fully inclusive school supporting all students to reach their personal goals.

Early indications show that the Value-Added Progress 8 figure will be significantly above average and higher than previous reliable records once the national picture is more secure.

Ilkley Gazette: Thomas Holder, Samuel PetrieThomas Holder, Samuel Petrie (Image: Prince Henry's)

There are some amazing individual successes with an impressive number of students securing the highest grades in their GCSEs. There are too many to mention here, but of special note are Yunhan Wu, James Lunn, Tom Ng and George Stocks who each claimed an impressive suite of top grades at 9 and 8 from all subjects. Additionally, the following students were amongst those who received 7-9 across all of their subjects; Thomas Holder, Samuel Petrie, Imogen Baker, Robin Marsh, Eleanor Davison, Shona Mallen, Sam Rhodes, Carys Bownes, Isabel Hart and Charlie Morley.

Ilkley Gazette: Yunhan Wu, Ewan Ashworth-EllisYunhan Wu, Ewan Ashworth-Ellis (Image: Prince Henry's)

Assessing value added, or progress data, there were some fantastic achievements from Hannah Bellamy, Lucy Chambers, Jack Wilks and Charlotte Reeves as well as a large number of others. Finally, of course, it goes without saying that equally impressive were the individual performances from a large number of students who overcame their own difficulties or for whom their set of results are a truly remarkable achievement.

Ilkley Gazette: Robin Marsh, April Kenyon & Imogen BakerRobin Marsh, April Kenyon & Imogen Baker (Image: Prince Henry's)

The majority of our Year 11 students will continue studying in Prince Henry's Sixth Form, but there are still a limited number of places available on some courses for other students wishing to join the highly successful sixth form provision at Prince Henry’s Grammar School.

Ilkley Gazette: James LunnJames Lunn (Image: Prince Henry's)

Headteacher Sally Bishop said: “I am extremely proud of all of our Year 11 students - they have clearly shown determination and resilience working hard to secure amazing outcomes and an unprecedented number of top grades.Our students have shown real dedication to their learning and this, together with the expert teaching, guidance and support from our committed and hard-working staff means that students have achieved their very best and in many cases, beyond expectations. It is really pleasing to see so many students achieve the grades they need to progress to the next stage of their learning and we wish all of them the very best for their futures, regardless of their destination. My congratulations go to all our students, and staff for their hard work, tenacity and unwavering commitment – well done!”