BRADFORD Grammar School (BGS) students were celebrating achieving outstanding results in their A Levels today with the vast majority looking forward to places at their first-choice universities.

More than half of students at the school in Keighley Road achieved grades A*/A in their results, with four out of five gaining A*- B grades.

Eve Wilsmore, 18, of Horsforth, was among the best in the country after securing 100 per cent in her English Literature exam. She also secured A* grades in Biology and Chemistry and an A in Spanish.

“I never realised I’d got 100pc in my English Lit until (BGS Headmaster) Dr Hinchliffe came across and told me,” said the overjoyed teenager. “I know I had full marks in my coursework, but I was really shocked when he told me, I wasn’t expecting it at all. I’ve always loved books and reading so I’m really, really happy.”

Eve will be able to pursue her love of books when she heads to Oxford University to study English Literature and English Language.

Ilkley Gazette: Ellie KoralEllie Koral (Image: BGS)

Fellow student Ellie Koral, 18 of Burley-in-Wharfdale, was also delighted after receiving three A*s in Biology, Chemistry and History with an A in French to secure her place at Cambridge University to study Archaeology and Anthropology.

“I was really nervous before I picked up the results – it’s not just about the results themselves but about getting the grades you need for university. I was over the moon when I saw them. I really liked Cambridge when I went to look around, and the course is very unique to what is offered throughout the country so I’m looking forward to it.”

Ellie, who joined BGS in Year 7 on an assisted place, added: “I’ve really enjoyed it at BGS. I play the saxophone and the music facilities are fantastic. There’s a real sense of community and there are so many different groups to join if you play an instrument.”

Tzavier Thornber, of Brighouse, will also be joining Ellie at Cambridge to study Classics after gaining A*s in Greek, Latin and As in History and Maths.

“I feel relieved. Nervous is an understatement as to how I felt before I got my results. I’m looking forward to the next adventure.”

Greg Ryan, 18, of Queensbury, was looking forward to pursuing his dreams of becoming a volcanologist after gaining an A in Chemistry, A in Music Technology and B in Geography.

Said Greg, who will head to Durham University to study Geology: “I’ve always been interested in rocks and I would love to study volcanoes in the future. I was quite nervous when I opened the envelope then I was instantly relieved when I saw I’d got the grades I need!”

Stan Preston of Idle, was delighted with his three A*s in Computer Science, Maths and Further Maths and an A in History. He’s now planning to study Maths at Durham University.

“With the teacher assessed grades for our GCSEs, we knew roughly what we were getting but this time it was back to how it was before COVID. I was quietly confident after I’d done my exams, but I was a bit nervous picking them up. I’m happy with them,” he said.

Head boy George Hahn, of Bingley, learned his four grade As in Economics, Maths, PE and Psychology had secured him a place at sought-after Loughborough University, to study Sport and Exercise Science.

“I’m very excited to go there,” said George, who joined BGS on an assisted place in Year 7. “I’d love to have a career in the sports industry and it feels incredible to go to the top university in the world for sports-related subjects.

“I’ve loved my time at BGS so it’s bittersweet to be leaving. I’ll miss it. But my younger brother will still be here so I’ll be coming back to visit.”

Hockey captain Ana Campean, of Bingley, was also delighted with her grades – A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and an A in French.

“I’m so thankful to my teachers who believed in me. I wasn’t sure how I’d cope taking four A Levels, but all my hard work paid off,” she said. Ana will now pursue her dream of being a doctor with a degree in Medicine at Edinburgh University.

Headmaster of BGS, Dr Simon Hinchliffe, said: “The ambition and character of our school community and home region is revealed in these achievements and we’re proud of our students who achieve so much academically and beyond in the realms of sport, arts, public service and a rich diversity of interests. We wish them every success in the future.”

BGS counts Olympic medallists, prominent artists and politicians among its prestigious alumni. Former pupils of the independent school on Keighley Road, Bradford, include Olympians Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, artist David Hockney, entrepreneur Sir Ken Morrison and politician Denis Healey.