A PARISH meeting triggered by concerned residents is being planned in Ilkley in response to discussions on a proposed town-wide 20mph speed limit.

It is hoped the event will be in the King's Hall - which seats 564 - within the next few weeks and will provide an option to call for a parish poll on the 20mph/road hump plans in the form of a simple referendum question with a yes/no answer.

James Stretton and Andrew Cunliffe of Ilkley Road Safety Action Group (IRSAG) delivered a letter to the town clerk, which had been signed by 15 electors, requesting a parish meeting.

Mr Stretton said: "Many townspeople witnessed the scenes on the evening of Tuesday, August 1 when approximately 200 people attended a packed Clarke Foley Centre to observe an extraordinary meeting of Ilkley Town Council, held in public.

"Sadly, even more people were denied access to the venue and this is why IRSAG has requested that any parish meeting be held in the King’s Hall, with its seating capacity of 564."

The results of a public consultation that ended in January revealed that 91 per cent of people opposed road humps and 52 per cent opposed the town-wide 20mph speed limit. However, the legal order has since been issued by Bradford Metropolitan District Council, for implementing a town-wide - and Ben Rhydding - 20mph zone incorporating 133 speed cushions and 10 speed tables.

Mr Stratton added: "Residents who have called the parish meeting fear the self-described 'progressive’ Ilkley town councillors are not acknowledging the strength of public opposition to the plans. Despite stating a desire for fewer road humps, these councillors are still voting for the scheme to progress, but hoping Bradford might choose to dilute it. Residents are also concerned that Ilkley Town Council resolved, at its August 1 meeting, to commit £87,500 of Ilkley Council funds towards the Bradford-designed scheme. Councillors opposing the scheme want it to be scrapped and reviewed, subject to public consultation. 

"There are still claims by some councillors that the 83 per cent of voters who approved the Ilkley Neighbourhood Plan in a poll in May 2022 were voting in favour of a town-wide 20mph/road hump scheme. However, those opposing the town-wide scheme point out that the question asked on the ballot paper was solely about planning applications, not speed-calming. Also, within the full Neighbourhood Plan document the only brief mention of speed-calming referred to ’the wider introduction of 20mph zones and traffic calming measures where needed around the town’."