PLANS to cut the speed limit in the centre of Guiseley and improve the town’s troublesome parking situation have been put forward.

Dedicated parking bays could be installed on Otley Road in the town, alongside new restrictions to crack down on “obstructive parking”, according to Leeds City Council proposals.

The road’s current speed limit could also be slashed from 30 miles per hour to 20.

A consultation with local residents and businesses is now set to take place.

A council report outlining the plans said: “The proposal will benefit the local businesses by making them more accessible to pedestrians, improving their viability by improving passing trade opportunities, as well as giving customers space to sit after visiting these local businesses.

“Whilst local parking opportunities are limited, it is seen that parking does take place on the existing yellow line restriction but without impacting on the flow of traffic along A65 Otley Road.”

The report said the scheme is intended to benefit all local people, “but particularly pedestrians and disabled users through the improved regulation of parking in this area”.

Another element of the proposals would see a crack down on Morrison’s shoppers who flout the ‘left turn only’ signage that greets drivings turning onto Otley Road.

Police would enforce this restriction with fines, under the scheme.

Guiseley and Rawdon councillor Eleanor Thomson said she was “broadly supportive” of the proposed scheme, pending the consultation and “exact detail” around how it will work.

“There’s a lack of available parking for some of the businesses on Otley Road, especially since Morrison’s stopped people using their car park all day,” she said.

“The proposals have been talked about for some years now, from before I was elected.

“It will hopefully help the local businesses, which are up against the big retail parks and ideally make it a safer space for people to move through.”

Councillor Thomson said she was in favour of the plans to cut the town centre’s speed limit.

“It would make it more consistent across that part of the town,” she added. “At the moment, you’re switching between 20 and 30mph on different stretches.”

Conservative councillor for the area, Paul Alderson, said he was “delighted to support the scheme”.

He said: “I have been involved in discussions about this scheme since last year and believe this to be a good proposal that will benefit the local community.

“I was pleased to help play a part in securing some of the necessary funding, which was key to meeting the shortfall in the scheme cost, and which allowed us to utilise the Local Centres Programme funding.

“It’s important that we do what we can to revitalise our town and district centres, and this project will make local businesses in Guiseley easier to access for pedestrians and passing trade.”