Foster carers working with Foster for Bradford have received a double shot of good fortune as both fees and allowances have been raised by over 12%, as well as additional cost of living crisis payments.

Foster carers are paid to foster. Foster carers with Foster for Bradford receive professional fees based on skills and experience, these have increased by 12.4% in recognition of the vital service they provide to the district’s most vulnerable residents.

Foster carers for Bradford also receive allowances for each child they care for, to cover the living costs of caring for a foster child. The allowances have also been increased by 12.43%, as recommended by the Department for Education. Foster for Bradford foster carers will also receive further cost of living crisis payments to meet the current high costs of fuel.

Ilkley Gazette:

As well as direct payments for their skills and for looking after children, Foster for Bradford foster carers receive additional payments for birthdays, holidays and religious festivals and, if they find themselves without a child living with them, they are paid a retainer payment for up to 12 weeks.

All foster carers are exempt from paying tax on most of their fostering income because HMRC runs a special tax exemption scheme for carers.

Steven Sagar-Watson, vice-chair of Bradford Independent Foster Carer Association said: “BIFCA has been working closely with Foster for Bradford on this issue. We appreciate our request for an above-inflation increase was a hard ask in view of the huge pressures on Bradford Council’s budget.

"The increase of 12.4% in the current circumstances is greatly appreciated by us all. The increase will help ensure that foster carers are able to care for the needs of some of Bradford’s most vulnerable children.”

Ilkley Gazette:

Jane Johnson, a foster carer with Foster for Bradford, said: “No one goes into fostering for the money, however the cost of living was having an impact on carers’ ability to pay for household bills.

"We are delighted that the council is providing this increase in financial support for children who, for whatever reason, aren’t able to live with their birth family. It’s recognition of the valuable role foster carers play in supporting vulnerable children.”

Charlotte Ramsden, chief executive of Bradford Children & Families Trust said: “The positive difference that our amazing foster carers make to the lives of vulnerable children and young people is, of course, priceless, but it’s important that we seize every opportunity that we can to show they are valued by the Trust and by Bradford Council.

“We know that carers have found the last year financially challenging dealing with higher heating, food, travel and other costs in order to continue in their vital role.

“It is great to see that the Council has recognised this and continue to support our carers and we hope that it goes some way towards easing the burden.”

Ilkley Gazette:

If you’ve ever considered fostering, then now is the right to come forward. Foster for Bradford is a non-profit organisation, that puts children first and at the heart of everything we do. It is wholly owned by the Bradford Children’s & Families Trust, which runs Children’s Social Care on behalf of Bradford Council.

If you foster for Bradford, you will care for a local child or young person, so they can continue to live in Bradford district, close to their friends and school. You’ll receive a professional fee, weekly allowances, additional allowances to cover birthdays and holidays and essential purchases, training, and support throughout every step of your journey.

Anyone interested in fostering for Bradford can find more information on the website or can book a call with a member of the Foster for Bradford recruitment team on a convenient day and time at

Other ways of getting in touch:

Text Bradford to 88802

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