FRIENDS of Ilkley Moor have condemned what they claim is a disgusting act of vandalism.

A spokesman said: "We have always had occasional acts of vandalism on the moor, but now there have been at least four incidents of a new and disgusting form of vandalism in the shelter above the paddling pool.

"A few people have complained about young people congregating in this shelter. Now on at least four occasions dog mess has been deliberately smeared on the benches in the shelter. We think that some ‘concerned’ citizen has taken it upon him or herself to deter the young people by smearing the benches in this way."

Owen Wells, chair of the Friends of Ilkley Moor said:  “We think this disgusting behaviour has been carried out by a vigilante, obsessed by young people. This person cannot see that their behaviour is far more obnoxious than anything the young people have done. The Friends of Ilkley Moor volunteers will be cleaning up the mess, as we have done after the previous incidents. We would prefer to be doing constructive work on the moor. This vandalism has been reported to the police who have recorded it as a case of criminal damage."

If anyone has information about who may be doing this please contact West Yorkshire Police on 101 and quote 1323020557