HERE is a treat for those who have not been along the A59 through Kex Gill for some time.

The steeply-sided gill has been the victim of a number of landslips over the past couple of decades meaning the road has had to be closed for repairs. This has caused huge disruption and delays to commuters using the route.

This week the government announced the decision it was granting £56 million towards a scheme to realign the road on the north side of the gill, creating a brand new stretch of road measuring around three miles (five kilometres) in lengh.

The total cost will be around £68 million with the remaining funding coming from North Yorkshire County Council.

So you can now take a trip down memory lane whenever you want to remind yourself of the steep and winding road through the beautiful gill as it is today. Reporter Lesley Tate took the above video as she was driven through the gill yesterday, February 23, the day the final go-ahead was given.

Work will start fully in April and should finish in May 2025.

Once completed, the Bliubberhouses end of the old route will remain open for farm access, but the Skipton end will be closed off to traffic and will be allowed to 're-wild'.