ADDINGHAM Civic Society’s Heritage Group has a new display in the Hub at the Old School on Main Street in Addingham starting on March 1.

It is open every morning from 9am except Friday when it is open in the afternoon from 2pm.

The theme is “I remember when ...” and it will encourage visitors to begin conversations about local history, particularly by people who live in Addingham.

Visitors will be encouraged to take part and to share their memories and stories of the village over the years.

The display is part of a major project, the Addingham Photo Archive, which has some 16,000 images of the village and its life with about 6,000 freely accessible on the Photo Archive website - - and also on Instagram: @addinghamphotoarchive.

Almost all the 6,000 images can be downloaded for free (though a small number are restricted because of copyright).

The main aim of the new display is to collect and share knowledge about the village and its history that otherwise might be lost. And this is where the Heritage Group would welcome help.

Anyone who would like to share their memories of the village, its people and its memorable events and help to fill in the knowledge gaps – particularly about some of the images that are on display – is very welcome. There are some interesting stories about people and events and it may be that some of the images on display will spark a memory or a story and if visitors would like to share these they are encouraged to leave contact details and the Heritage Group will be in touch to find out more.