BINGLEY Lifesaving Club has been commended by Ilkley’s MP Robbie Moore after he met with volunteers and presented newly qualified lifeguards with their hard-earned yellow t-shirts.

The club meets on a weekly basis at Ilkley Pool and currently has around 75 members.

Mr Moore had the opportunity to observe the club's training sessions and see firsthand the important work the local lifesavers are doing, including equipping young people with the skills and knowledge to stay safe in and around water.

Mr Moore said: "The Bingley Lifesaving Club is an excellent example of the positive impact that local volunteers can have on our community. The club's dedication to teaching young people about water safety and providing them with the skills to become lifeguards is truly commendable.

“I will continue to work with them, and neighbouring Bingley MP Philip Davies to make sure that Bingley swimming pool is put back into use, but in the meantime, it is great to see them utilising Ilkley’s pool so that we can ensure their organisation can continue to provide important life skills to young people in our community.”