BURLEY-in-Wharfedale Parish Council has published the results of a poll it carried out to gauge the level of support for a bridge over the River Wharfe in the village.

Burley Bridge Association is the organisation campaigning for a bridge and the parish council poll was in response to an event in the village last year when the association unveiled its latest designs for the bridge and plans for its construction.

A Parish Council spokesperson said: "Burley Parish Council would like to thank everyone who responded to the Burley Bridge survey. We received 889 votes in total. The results were as follows:

• Votes in favour of the bridge 285 (32.06%)

• Votes against the bridge 599 (67.38%)

• Don't know 5 (0.56%)

"The results have been shared with the Burley Bridge Association and the Parish Council has now considered the results and has resolved that 'the Parish Council still support the concept of a bridge, but it remains the prerogative of the Burley Bridge Association to pursue this, including the persuasion of opinion, pursuance of planning permission and the raising of funds'."