THE Ilkley based Tinker Gallery is pleased to announce its first exhibition of 2023.

‘Moorland’ celebrates the beautiful, sometimes wild, and uncultivated Yorkshire landscape on our doorstep, with featured work primarily by local artists covering a wide range of 2D and 3D pieces.

Gallery owner, Joanne Tinker has invited a small group of artists to share their interpretations of the Ilkley Moor, capturing a spectrum of perspectives: the history, geography, fauna, wildlife, and of course the epic weather conditions.

“Since moving to Ilkley some years ago from London, I have grown to love and feel extremely privileged to live surrounded by the moors,” says Joanne. “For an artist, this landscape tantalises all the senses - proving an ideal stimulus for creativity.”

Included in the exhibition is sculptor Richard Gibson, who has created a series of bespoke, open-wire sculptures, representing some of the Moorland’s winged wildlife - capturing light and movement in lapwings and owls.

Whereas Helen Brayshaw depicts the vast panoramic views, expertly executed in her contemporary painting technique of running colours into and around one another, to create an almost abstract take on the traditional painting.

Ilkley Gazette: The work of Helen BrayshawThe work of Helen Brayshaw

With an entirely different take on the Moorland theme, is mixed-media artist Linda Dewart. Employing her enviable textile skills, Linda has embroidered dog walkers and adventurers on the Moor. Dressed in hiking boots and often appearing lost, her playful characters are comically stitched onto bed linens and pillowcases, reminding the ill-prepared of the simple joy of staying in a warm bed rather than braving the intemperate conditions outside.

Ilkley Gazette: The work of Linda DewartThe work of Linda Dewart

This wonderful engaging exhibition runs through to the 1st April 2023.

The Tinker Gallery at 25 Church Street, Ilkley, LS29, is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10am - 4pm.