A SHORT walk to look at the history of Wheatley Lane in Ben Rhydding is taking place on Saturday, October 29, from 3pm, organised by the Local History Hub.

The group will start at the wide layby opposite the Valley Drive/ Wheatley Lane junction.

Wheatley Lane started as a narrow access road or track from the turnpike road (Leeds Road) across the fields to several small local farms and cottages, with very little infrastructure apart from a pinfold and a pub. In the 1840s with the opening of Ben Rhydding Hydro, Wheatley Lane developed. gaining railway station and a post office

Both village names, Wheatley and Ben Rhydding, prevailed until the 1930s.

Later years brought shops, public conveniences and bus services.

The walk will include a visit to the Arts and Crafts Ben Rhydding Methodist Church. For further info contact localhistory@civicsociety.ilkley.org