FRIENDS of Ilkley Moor have been striding along the lower slopes of the moor to learn about the plants, trees, mosses and lichens which call the moor, home.

The group walked up to the upper tarn, down to the lower tarn and then across to a wetland area to see plants characteristic of dry heaths, marshland and open water bodies. Plants noted included cross leaved heather, bilberry, lemon scented fern, lichens, Yorkshire fog, crested dogs tail, cocksfoot, sweet vernal grass and meadow grass.

In the marsh area the group was shown varieties of rushes and mosses, along with sundew, the UKs native carniverous plant. In the upper tarn the group discovered water horsetail, marsh violet, marsh pennywort.

The group also learnt about the ecology, conservation and management of these habitats.

The FoIM’s regular volunteers have undertaken habitat management on Ilkley Moor for wildlife conservation and helping restore and maintain footpaths.