A MODERN apartment building would “dominate” a town Conservation Area, according to planners.

Earlier this Summer a planning application to demolish a house in Ilkley, Robin Hill on Clifford Road, and build a four storey, nine apartment building in its place was submitted to Bradford Council.

Applicant the Bankhead Group said the apartments would be aimed at people from the “older generation” looking to downsize.

But the application was refused by planning officers, who said the building would be incompatible with the town’s Middleton Conservation Order.

Officers said the conservation area is “characterised by private residences on spacious plots.

“In contrast, the proposed four-storey height apartment building with its increased bulk, forward projection and dominance of the principal elevation by glazing and balconies would create an over-dominant and visually incongruous development.

“Such a bulkier, taller structure which would display little affinity with existing buildings nearby would not preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the conservation area.”

They added plans did not include enough parking - 12 spaces for the nine apartments.

Highways officers said: “Public transport does not serve the suburb of Middleton and there are no shops, no schools, few community or commercial facilities and that high car ownership levels are prevalent in the town.”