A WATER leak which has been running for at least three weeks has now been fixed.

An Ilkley resident noticed water coming from a cover in Leeds Road early in July and informed Yorkshire Water.

He said three weeks later it was still running and was concerned about the amount of water being lost when there was talk of hosepipe bans in parts of the country.

“The amount of water lost must be considerable,” he told the Gazette.

He said the water company told him someone would look within two or three days but it continued to run.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “We do everything we can to fix leaks as quickly as possible, but sometimes it’s a little tricker than we’d like.

“Initially when this leak was reported to us we visited and booked the repair in with our contract partners. As the leak is on a busy road, we applied to the council for a permit to do the repair but they wanted to meet with us on site to discuss how we could cause as little disruption as possible when we were working.”

Yorkshire Water acknowledged on Friday that the leak was now worse and said they would send someone out to repair it that day.

The resident said he walked that route on Saturday and the repair had indeed been carried out.